The Salty Sweetness of The Sea

A Comenius Project

The project

The Salty Sweetness of The Sea The salty sweetness of the sea pouring in similar diversity to our clothing, festivities and nutrition through time aims at:

  • creating ties between the six participating schools in order to develop pupils`attitude towards tradition in clothing, festivities and nutrition related to the sea influence.
  • searching and defining the meaning of each cloth item and each special food on special occasions through time
  • searching and defining how special ways of dress affect human relations among different social classes
  • how the nutrition behavior affected by living close to the sea can be a significant factor to give shape and identity to our cultures and traditional or religious celebrations
  • improving the pupils’ skills of observation
  • The project covers a wide range of thematic fields from cultural heritage, history and traditions, geography and environment, good health education, social studies and ICT.